The Name Moneykart connotes to the “one stop shop” nature of our services. Once a client comes to us for his financial needs, he need not go anywhere else. We handle everything for him. Moneykart is like the shopping cart at the supermarket where you can put what you need into the same cart.


The Logo is a stylized version of the alphabet M. The Green swathes of the M depict the roof profile of most homes in New Zealand. The M also stands for Mountains; the Southern Alps being the most famous of several popular mountains in New Zealand. The M also represents the financial journey that a client has to undertake in their lives in order to achieve their financial goals with guidance from Moneykart.


The Colour Green of the logo signifies Money which is Green in Colour. The Green Colour  also represents Calmness, Balance, Growth, Vitality, Reliability, Practical, Nurturing, Loyal, Adaptable, Harmony, Freshness, Safety, Fertility, Environment, Finance, Ambition, Endurance.

The Yellow colour in the middle of the M stands for Sunrise signifying the "Dawn" in your financial life and the upward arrow signifies Growth.

The Tagline Simplifying Finance aims to convey that at Moneykart with our expertise, we make understanding finance very easy for everyone , be it a a layman or someone who knows finance. 

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